Winner:Hender Club del Futbol
Runner-up:Underpaid Action Heroes
Top Goal Scorer:Nick Bucco (Boz’s Boys) – 14 goals
Best & Fairest:Nick Bucco (Boz’s Boys) – 21 points
Winner:Jew Boys
Runner-up:UR MATE
Top Goal Scorer:Scott Lindsay (Mexicants) – 19 goals
Best & Fairest:Mathew Muscroft (Jew Boys) & Scott Lindsay (Mexicants) – 18 points
Winner:The Mighty Goats
Runner-up:The Pigs
Top Goal Scorer:Jesse Baker (The Mighty Goats) – 18 goals
Best & Fairest:Alan Hall (The Mighty Goats) – 21 points
Congratulations to all winners and thanks to everyone for
particiapting and making 2010 another successful season.
Hopefully we’ll see you all again next year.
If anyone is looking to join an 11-a-side club for 2011,
Athelstone is looking for players for its A, B, C, Women’s
and over 35s teams. Training starts on 18th January and will
be on every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7pm at Athelstone.
Recreation Reserve, 267 Lower Athelstone Rd, Athelstone.
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